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Placor Skin Beauty Products
Placor Skin Beauty Products
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About Us

Placor makes it their serious business to make women, as well as men, self-confident with clean, clear and youthful skin. Placor understands that even the most well-cared for skin can be damaged by stress brought about by fast-paced life, aggravated by ecological imbalances such as drastic weather changes and pollution. As a result skin can become tired, degenerated and prematurely wrinkled. Freckles, acne and other skin blemishes soon appear. All of these can make one lose self-confidence in a beauty- and youthfulness-conscious world. Placor will help you achieve and maintain that beautiful and youthful looking skin. To get a 30% discount, please download the Gift Certificate below and send it back to us through fax together with your name, contact number, address and your signature through this number 943-0329. Delivery within Metro Manila area only


Slimming Cream
Facial Mask
Fade Cream
Facial Lotion
Acne Powder
Bust Cream
Eye Cream
Facial Scrub
Cleansing Paste
Rose Lotion
Revatilizer Cream
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Suite 601 Tytana Plaza, 611 Oriente St,. Binondo, Manila

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