What is a Podcast?
Podcast was first popularized by Apple. It is similar to audio and video broadcasting. First developed as a complementary service for their Ipod. It is now available in different platforms and other gadgets. It can be downloaded at the internet either as a free or charged service.
  Why is Podcast Becoming so Popular Today?
People Love to Hear Music and Watch Videos. They also love to be informed about the latest news and updates on their favorite personalities or gadgets. Yet many are becoming busier and busier every day, offering little or no time at such endeavors. Podcast offers the perfect choice for the Busiest of the Busy. A quick download at your computer is all there is you need to do.
  What is the Purpose of Malixi AudioCast?
  Malixi AudioCast’s sole purpose is to relay the most updated info at the Internet with a slight twist of character and added juice for your listening pleasure.
  How long is the Program itself? And how frequently it will be posted?
A. Malixi Audiocast is a 10-15 minute program and it will be updated once a week. (depending on the demand). All programs will be set in Continuous Playback or Loop (it will be repeated endlessly). Each Client’s Business Advertisement will be aired after each program.
  Is Malixi AudioCast a free service?
  A. Yes it is! You can listen to Malixi AudioCast anytime and anywhere, Free of Charge. Open to all Online Viewers 24/7!
  I Want to Advertise my Company at Malixi AudioCast. What will I do?
  It is Easy To Advertise at Malixi AudioCast. Just follow this simple steps:
1. Go to the Malixi AudioCast Page and click on “Membership Registration”.
2. Choose either “FREE Business Email Marketing (50 Emails / Month)” or “FREE Malixi AudioCast Advertising (1 Advertisement / Month)”
You will have the privilege to choose one permanent service or choose one service after the other (interchanged every month). For example, you can have FREE Malixi AudioCast Advertising now and next month you can have FREE Business Email Marketing or vice versa.
3. Fill-up the necessary information.
4. Click “Submit”.
  What is the information that I can get while listening to Malixi Audiocast?
  Tons of Updates and Upgrades! Here is the list of the Programming Slots, that you will enjoy listening:
Internet News - Hear the news as they are posted. No need to surf for hours just to be informed.
Technology News - Take a peek at the most latest trend in the Technology World. Smell the Gadgets as they roll-out on their assembly lines. Hear It! Love It!
Software Of the Day - Do you know how your favorite application works? Where did it came from? Who made it? And why they are made? Sit on your favorite chair and get ready for an online class. Warning! This Class is Very Addictive.
Audio Advertiser - Want to help Malixi AudioCast help other people? Malixi AudioCast is continuously expanding its reach across the World Wide Web. For us to do that, we need advertisers like you. If you would like to be an Audio Advertiser, do not hesitate to give us a call (Our contact numbers are located at our Contact Us Page).
Tired of boring Online Shows that makes you awn and eventually snore while trying to listen and understand what they are talking about? Malixi AudioCast is an Online Broadcasting Service exclusively made for you. Be Internet Smart and Tech Savvy while enjoying the benefits of having a good life. Teach yourself to learn more and have a few good sets of laughs at the same time. Another good reason on why you should always open your ears a bit wider. Malixi AudioCast, Hear It! Love It!