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  Get Access To Value-Added Freebies.
  Promote Your Business FREE Professionally.
  No Spam! Just Plain Business.
  Is the membership Free?
  Why I need to be a member?
  Being a member you will get advantage of our Business Email Marketing for FREE
  What do I need to do as a member?
  Just Save Business Email Marketing to your emails phonebook the first time you received an email from us to be able for the next coming email to always land on your emails inbox
  What do you mean by email category?
  Email category means you’re prepared email that would help you on the information you need, like knowing what is the latest promos on that specific Business category for your availment.
  Up to how long I can avail of that FREE OFFER?
  As long as you’re not removing your membership from us, you will still remain in our database email recipients and you will still be availing that FREE OFFER every month
  Could I refer a friend for this FREE OFFER?
  Yes, by just sending us their email addresses and our database will automatically send an invitation for them to subscribe to be able to be a part of that FREE OFFER just like you.
  What If I clicked the unsubscribe button on the lower part of email I received from Business Email Marketing?
  By Clicking that button you are cancelling your subscription to us and our system will detect your action and automatically deactivate your membership. Meaning you cannot anymore avail your privileges as a member.
  What if I wanted to be a member again?
Just click Business Email Member Button on the homepage and you will be redirected to business Email page in where you have to fill up a membership form and click submit. By submitting to us you will be automatically added to our email members list and your benefite as a member can be avail anytime in a month.
  How will I submit my details for the my FREE Business Email Marketing Plan
To submit Email Content for your FREE Business Email Marketing Plan, just email us all materials/ email content request (logo, contact details, addresses, email title and email content), the email trial for approval will be sent to your email for your approval before broadcasting.
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