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Ruby Ann Malixi, Basic Author
Banner Advertisements are almost everywhere in the internet. Most huge Websites get their revenues on these banner ads. This marketing strategy is in high demand and the use of which is being maximized by Big Companies here and abroad making small enterprising business left to pick-up bits and scraps. Personal blogs and Marketing sites are living proofs of the above statements. Malixi Marketing is now introducing an innovation that will make this scenario a thing of the past. Presenting Malixi Marketing Animated Banner Advertisement, it is the most creative and appealing banner advertising on the net. Stated below are some questions and their answers that you may need to know.
  Question What is Banner Advertising?
A Web Banner is a form of advertisement that is mostly in jpeg, gif, png and in our case, in flash format. It was intended to gather as much attention as possible. It is often located at web pages that have the greatest number of visitors. As simple as it may seem, banner advertisements plays an important role in Internet Marketing.
  Question How Can Banner Advertising help my Business?
Banner Advertising can really help in your marketing strategy. Banner Advertisements can help you in the same way print ads from newspapers, magazines and posters help other businesses. The only difference is that unlike Print Adds, Banner Advertisements Are Clickable. Meaning, the visitors can go to your site when they click on your add. And your banner can be posted anywhere on the site depending on your budget (many Online Advertising Sites charge their ads based on where you would like it to be displayed).
  Question Why should I avail Malixi Marketing Animated Banner Advertisement?
The sheer creative design and lay-out of your banner can be a defining point whether it will work or not. And we believe that every design has a purpose. The purpose of your banner is to attract as many visitors as possible, so we focus our designs on that perspective. The reason is simple, we want you to reach your goal in the Fastest and most Affordable way possible.
  Question How much is Malixi Marketing Animated Banner Advertisement?
  Answer You can avail Malixi Marketing Animated Banner Advertisement for as low as Php 500 to Php 1000. For more details please go to the Animated Banner Advertisement Page.
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There are some sites that offer free text advertisements and blogs that offer free posting of products and services. Why should I avail your Banner Advertisement if I can get those absolutely free from others?
Free text advertisements can only offer you text and a few images. And you are rallied among hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of other advertisers often with the same topic. That will give you an almost next to impossible chance of someone clicking your add. When it comes to blogs, they take time to rank well in the Search Engines. The time and money that you spend promoting your blog oftentimes, out-weighs your budget when you avail a banner advertising (which is far cheaper).

Google, Yahoo and MSN are also doing these. How can you differentiate yours with theirs?


Google, Yahoo, and MSN indeed offer a great service but most of them require the users to be acquainted with a few HTML Coding. This gives headaches to business minded people who prefer that their time be spent on much better endeavors. Malixi Marketing Animated Banner Advertisement only requires you to submit your text and images. That is all there is you need to know.
  Question What if I don’t have a Company Logo, can you make one?
Yes, our talented group of graphic artists can make you a professional logo at a very low cost.
  Question Many people are irritated when they see a bunch of banners hanging on their favorite web sites. Are you one of the entities that keep on posting advertisements anywhere?
Malixi Marketing does not engage on activities that is not pleasing to your eyes and of your visitors web experience. We always see to it that our designs are catchy and pleasing. We do not intend to sacrifice our credibility just to make a certain kind of publicity. Thus you’ll be assured that your ads be displayed on locations that is beneficial on your part.
Malixi Marketing Animated Banner Advertisement is created for your business and to enrich your visitors surfing experience. Responsible Advertising is one of the keys for you to earn respect in the marketing community thus giving your name a more competitive edge over your competitors.
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