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Ruby Ann Malixi, Basic Author
  Animated Banner Advertisement  
     Most businesses nowadays turn their eyes on the internet as a means of advertising their products and services. Radio, TV and Print Ads are now being set aside to make way for this new kind of broadcasting medium. This form of “Information Revolution” does not only help big companies gain their glory but also provided many aspiring individuals as a way of earning some cash. For most modern people, the World Wide Web is a giant market place. If a company wanted to expand their marketing assets online, they should have a decent looking Company Advertisement. The possibilities are endless. And the unlimited number of audience creates an enticing atmosphere to both entrepreneurs and businessmen alike. But unfortunately not all people knew the value of online advertising and how it works. If the U.S. currency is in dollars, and Japan is to yen, the internet’s currency is links. Hyperlinks or “links” are the doorways to your website. The more links going into your web page, the more people will visit it, the more you have visitors; the probability of earning more money is greater. That is the basic principle of Online Advertising. Online Advertising comes in many forms. From Paid advertising which includes colored banners and animated images, to Free Advertising which includes one liner tags, and simple text links. Nevertheless, it all falls in the same category they call Online Advertising.
  Having your own Logo as your Banner in Malixi Marketing with your Promo Ads serves as link to your existing website or blogs.  
Animated Banner Advertisement can be used for any purpose such as:
arrow Animated Banner Advertisement
arrow Flash Banner Ads
arrow Flash Animation Ads
arrow Banner Ad Advertising
arrow Funny Banner Ads
arrow Animated .gif Banner Ads
    Banners Advertisement
    640 x 157 horizontal banner
    Flash Image Scroller
    Any Color
    Customized Design
    PHP 1,000.00 per month
    Promo Banner / Text Advertisement
    225 x 260 vertical design
    Flash Images / Text Scroller
    Any Color
    Customized design
    PHP 500.00 per month
    Materials needed for Advertisement:
    Company logo ( .jpeg, .gif )
    Content Text together with its link ( .doc, .docx, html )
    Image Content ( .jpeg, .gif)
    Choose your Advertisement Period:
    Semi - Annual
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