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Worried about huge advertising expenses that threaten your credit card to reach their credit limits in a short period of time? A lot of advertising agencies on the internet offer enticing marketing packages, though most of them claim to be the best in the web, but when the bill comes it is extraordinarily high. Malixi Marketing Business Solutions gives you an advertising opportunity that you never thought you could ever have. Introducing our Malixi Marketing Web Page Subscription. Malixi Marketing Web Page Subscription is a new and exciting way to advertise your Services and Products without ever comprising your budget. Here are a few common questions and their answers that you may need to know about our service:
  Question Why Should I Advertise?
  Answer There are a few good reasons why people with businesses should advertise:
1. Your Competitor is Advertising
Keeping up with your competitors is a tough job. Nobody likes to be left behind. Thus, giving your business an edge over the others is a main priority.
2. To Generate Traffic
Advertising creates a festive atmosphere that most consumers love to seek. The more people see your add, the greater your chances of getting that much coveted profit.
3. To Reach New Customers
Oftentimes, your most eager patron today might be the costumer who doesn’t even recognize you a few months ago. New babies are being born, new couples are being married. We live in a diversified world where everything is changing.
4. Do it Continuously
Companies who halt their advertising and marketing campaigns as a means of cutting down costs are also unknowingly cutting their chances of increasing their profits. Continuous advertising gives your consumers a feeling of you being on their side at all times.
5. To Make More Sales.
The more you advertise, the more sales that you have. The wiser you choose your advertising medium, the better your chances of hitting your goals.
  Question Why should I Choose Malixi Marketing Web Page Subscription?
Malixi Marketing Web Page Subscription is an advertising service which aims to give as much information to the viewers as they want enabling a much more personalized service thus capturing a longer visitor’s retention time. It is a 2-packaged service, one is the Basic Package and the other is the Premium Package. It works similar to other advertising and marketing websites but the only difference is Malixi Marketing Web Page Subscription Page is a whole page advertisement containing only your ads. No More, No Less.
  Question Does This Whole Page Advertisement Work Better Than Text Ads?
It Does! Ordinary ads on most advertising sites carry only your product / services, contact details and your logo. And it occupies only not more than ¼ of the entire page. The rest of the page will be occupied by another advertisement from other companies which are not even related to you thus dividing the attention of the viewer. In Whole Page Advertisement of Malixi Marketing Web Page Subscription, your visitor can focus on the important matters (such as your products and services) and the best part is… That Visitor is All Yours!
  Question How Affordable is this “Affordable Advertising?
  Answer At a very low fee from Php 1000 (for Basic Subscription) to Php 1500 (for Premium Subscription), you can have the advantages of a Big-Time Marketer.
  Question How Many Images Can Those Packages Support?
  Answer Your page can support up to 8 images at a time. If 8 images is isn’t enough for you, for example if you have a total of 16 photos to show, you can have your first 8 images uploaded on the first week and your next batch of 8 on the following week and so on.
  Question How About the Visitors?
  Answer Your Malixi Marketing Web Page Subscription is expertly optimized for the Search Engines. In our first year of operation, We are already appearing at Search Engine Results and at different Social Networking Sites, thus assuring a constant flow of traffic into your Web Page Subscription.
Malixi Marketing is continuously updating and searching for new technologies rendering an almost endless flow of value added online advertising services. If you have any more questions aside from those stated above, feel free to send your query to us, just click our Contact Us Link. Here in Malixi Marketing, it is always a Great Idea to Have Business With You.
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