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Ruby Ann Malixi, Basic Author
  Question What is Email Marketing?
Email Marketing is the process of sending emails to several recipients for marketing purposes such as promotions, invitations, or other important updates. It is the most efficient way of communication between a company and a customer. Just look at your email inbox… Chances are, you already received an email similar to that purpose.
  Question What is Business Email Marketing?
Malixi Marketing created a way to make things easier and more affordable for you. Business Email Marketing, one of Malixi Marketing Services, that is aimed towards total convenience without ever endangering your budget. Thus, reaping the rewards of a successful Email Marketing Strategy is at your fingertips.
  Question How Convenient is Business Email Marketing?
It is so convenient, that you don’t have to worry a thing! Just fill-up the form located at the Business Email Marketing Registration Form and we will do the rest.
  Question Does Business Email Marketing Have a Variety of Plans for Me to Choose?
  Answer Yes it is! Business Email Marketing has 3 packages under its sleeve. The Economy Plan, The Deluxe Plan and The Premium Plan.
  Question How will I Choose Which Plan is Right for Me?
The plan you choose will largely depend on your business needs and your budget. The plans are designed in such a way that you get the most of out your budget. It is that easy!
  Question What is the Difference Between Business Email Marketing and Other Email Marketing Solutions out there?
Most Email Marketing Solutions available on the Internet requires the subscriber to create their own Email Templates. An adventurous business person will love this at first. But, let’s face it! No busy, serious minded professional will even have the time to choose the right font style suitable for his/her own template. Malixi Marketing says”No More!” to wasting up your time studying, clicking and trying to figure out the design for your email template. Leave the “designing part” to us, then we will show it to you for approval and We Can Start the Ball Rolling!
  Question What do I Get as a Business Email Marketing Client?
  Answer Here is a list of some of the benefits that you will get using Our Service:
1. Campaign Previews for Approval
After receiving your content and choosing your template category, we will be sending your email template preview through your email address for your approval. After approving the design, then that is the only time that we will be scheduling the sending of your email template to the designated recipient of your chosen category.
2. Link to Your Website
You can have the link of your Website Posted inside your email template. Only one link per email template to avoid violating the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Just tell us where to put it and we will patch it there.
3. Opt-in Confirmation
This Opt-in Confirmation function is a by-product of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This act states that every marketing email sent must have an “Unsubscribe Button” which means that a recipient always has a choice if he/she doesn’t want to receive anymore emails coming from a specific sender. Thus deleting the risk of you being called as aSpammer”.
4. Add File Attachment
You can attach your files (such as brochures, additional images or maps) as a complement to your email. Adding more functionality available to your receiver. Only one attachment is allowed per email template.
4. Scheduling and Auto Sending
You can request an appropriate schedule of the day you wanted us to send your emails on your chosen email recipients. Giving you more control over your desired recipient audience.
  Question If the Recipient Would Like to Reply to the Email, From What Email Address will they Reply?
If the recipient wishes to response to the email that they received, they will do so just like any other email. And the email address that they will see on their “To:” will be yours not ours. They will reply directly to your email account and not to our database.
  Question Do I Need to Send You a List of Emails?
There is no need for you to send us list of emails. Malixi Marketing will do that for you. Malixi Marketing Business Email Marketing has more than enough Email List stored in our database that could support this service. Collected email recipients member per category. All You Need to Do is Sit Back and Relax!
  Question Why is It That You Have Fewer Emails Available on Your Plans than the Others?
Other email marketing companies deliver their services by bulk (by 1000 or 100000 emails) and most of them offer you your own control panel. These control panels allows you to send up to a hundred thousand emails but they don’t have their own email list. Meaning, you are the one who is going provide the list. Sounds easy? Think again… How could you generate a suitable amount of email recipients in a limited period of time? Yes, there are many tools in the internet but they offer only a little help. The headache of convincing someone to become your recipient can be excruciating and time consuming. Plus, not everyone has enough resources to do such gigantic task. Our Business Email Marketing removes you from this headache and lets you focus your precious time and energy on the most important parts of your
  Question What if I Just Use Their Service and Supply Them With Anonymous Recipient Emails?
Sending emails to random recipients will cause you more pain than gain. And you might be already violating the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Anyone can report you as a spammer. And if you have a website, anyone can report you to the Search Engines (such as Google, Yahoo and MSN) and have your domain black-listed. Here in our Malixi Marketing Business Email Marketing we make sure that all legalities are well taken cared of.
Business Email Marketing is one of the most efficient and convenient way of broadcasting your business over the World Wide Web. You can have additional exposure with this highly recognized marketing strategy. Alert your customers about your new product. Invite people to come to the Opening Ceremonies of your new Sales Branch. Or send them Holiday Greetings wrapped with a special twist. Great Isn’t it?! And the best thing is, you don’t have to look anywhere just to find the best Email Marketing Solution out there. Business Email Marketing can answer your Email Marketing needs without you worrying about it.
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